Helping My Special Little Girl, Lexi Mae!

So, I was talking to one of the mamas I donate milk to, and her little girl got sick and was in the hospital with RSV. I know it sounds silly, but when I saw she was in the hospital, my heart jumped in my throat and I just about started crying! I know it sounds silly, but I feel like she’s my baby too! I think I feel that way about all of my milk babies, but especially Lexi. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’ve gotten to know her and her mom really well. But, I was so worried about her! And luck has it, I had milk leftover from when Danny was recovering from RSV, so it might be able to better help her little girl fight it all off! Especially considering it should have the right antibodies to help combat it, since it was pumped right around the time Danny was getting over his RSV. Only problem was, I had it all in bottles, and not bags, and the bottles aren’t good for shipping.

Normally, I wouldn’t do this, because technically, you shouldn’t thaw and then refreeze breast milk, however, I’ve refrozen milk that was slushy before, and it was just fine, so I got the milk to that point, and then my sister and I started bagging it all! It took us about an hour just to bag it all! We had 78 bottles to bag. We ended up giving Danny three of the bottles, because he saw us bagging it and got these jealous puppy eyes. He was probably thinking, “What? What is she doing with MY milk?! That’s mine! I could be drinking that! Wait! What are you doing?! Give it back!!!” So, we warmed a couple bottles of it up for him and he was happy.

But, like I said, normally, I wouldn’t thaw and refreeze, but I was super careful about it, making sure the milk stayed cold/slushy the entire time. And since I’ve refrozen a couple bottles here and there that were at that point, I feel comfortable doing it. So, now we just need it to all refreeze completely by morning so I can ship it off to her.

It was definitely a task! I had to drive out to my step-dad’s to get the milk out of his freezer (he had been storing it for me), so I bet he’s glad that it’s gone and he has room! He was (jokingly) threatening that he was going to use it in his coffee if I didn’t come get it soon! But then we had to let it thaw out, and bag it. Tori helped me. We used the breast shields for my breast pump like a funnel and poured all the milk into the bags.

It’s mostly an economy issue. The bottles won’t fit in the cooler very well, and they take up a lot of extra weight. So, when you’re shipping 2nd day, and you’re paying a pretty penny for it, you want to be able to get the most out of it you can. If I had sent it in the bottle, I probably could have only fit 12-15 bottles in the cooler (30-37.5 ounces) but in the bags, I can fit around 18-22 bags in the cooler (108-132 ounces). So when you’re paying $50-100 just to ship it, you definitely want to get the most out of it that you can! Especially since you can’t be shipping it all the time!

But yeah. Miss Lexi is going to get some nummy-yummy good-for-her-tummy milk very soon! And I’m sure she’ll enjoy it! Last time, Courtney (her mom) told me that Lexi downed the bottle of breast milk faster than she ever downed a bottle of formula, so she must have enjoyed it! Can’t say I blame her! I’d rather a glass of drink breast milk over formula any day!

Anyways, I just had to share. This kind of stuff just gives me the happy-warm-fuzzy-feelings all over. Just makes me feel really good about being able to help such an amazing little girl in such an amazing way.

Tori and I had an assembly-line thing going on for the milk-bagging process!
Getting ready to set it all out flat in the freezer!
Organizing the milk so it freezes flat (it packs better that way).
Milky Goodness for Lexi-Mae!
Heh... Just another to add to the photos of my milk!
So maybe Dan isn't wrong when he says my breastmilk is taking over the freezer? The bags are milk, and so are the tubes with the yellow caps... lol! Breastmilk, Ice Cream, Burgers, Salmon and more breastmilk! What an awesome freezer!

My crazy life…

Wow. So, my life has been completely insane and hectic lately!

First, I’ve been cleaning, organizing and sorting things like a madwoman. You have no idea how crazy I’ve been getting with the cleaning, but it’s totally necessary. We have some good news!

They accepted the offer on the house! So, we’ll have the keys in about a month! I’m so excited. It’s going to be our first home! It’s freaking awesome! So, because of that, I’ve decided to slowly work on downsizing, cleaning, sorting and organizing things. Especially Maddi’s toys. The kid has WAY too many toys, she even has toys for growing boys that she steals from her big brother! She seriously has enough toys to cover the entire floor of our living room. But that’s because she’s the first grandchild on my side, and Dan’s side… She gets spoiled! Check out my kid needs that, that website is where I get most of their toys. Except for their hoverboard, I got that at this great hoverboard resource.

So, I’m downsizing. I sorted through some old clothes of Maddi’s and even some of Danny’s! Some get sold on ebay. Some are put in a box for a memory quilt. Some are donated the church’s clothing bank.

So, I got my MotherLover “More Milk Plus.” The stuff tastes terrible but it works! I was super impressed with it! It’s given me a noticeable difference in my milk production! I’m excited! I’ve been storing a lot. I’m going to finish filling up all the 80 ml bottles I have for Danny’s backup supply and then I’m going to keep freezing more for donation.

I nursed my friend’s baby today. She went on a short walk and baby got hungry and mama gave me the okay, so I nursed her. From everything I’ve read and researched, there’s nothing wrong with cross-nursing.

Anyways, Danny is crying and I need to get in bed! I have an early dentist appointment tomorrow!