Trying to stay positive…

It’s kind of hard to stay positive right now… But I have a few positive things going on….

I got all of my sewing totes and craft area organized… Looks really good and everything is easy to access now! Makes it faster for me to finish projects now!

We found Ava’s umbilical cord… That was a weird story. I had lost it and don’t know how… I cried for almost five hours, tearing my house apart to find it…. And nothing. Then, a few weeks later (two days ago) I’m on the phone and Bre about tackles Danny because he came out of the kitchen with it… We still have no idea where it had been and Maddi just kept calling it the “Big Scary Snake.” Surprisingly it hadn’t broken or cracked or anything…

I finally made my Chanel-inspired mei-tai that I’ve been thinking about making for a while now…  I’ve been planning on making a mei-tai for about a year now… but only had a design in mind for the last month or so… Turned out cuter than I thought it would!

So yeah… There’s some positive, I guess.

My Totally-Super-Awesome-Too-Cool-for-Poo Diapers…

Okay, so they’re meant for poo… but they’re totally too cool!

This is my second to final design for my diapers. 🙂

The back of the diaper
The front without the flaps over it.
The diaper open... Aka...where the yuckies go.
This is the diaper with the front closed.

So, as some of you might know, my sewing machine broke. It went kaput. And I pretty much almost cried. Gah. I love my sewing machine. Heck, I just love sewing.

The worst part was that I had been trying to find time to finish sewing up my diapers for my kids for almost two weeks, and when I sit down, it won’t work. Blah. I kind of knew it was coming though because it had been having a few issues before that. We’re going to take it in for an estimate on how much it will cost to repair it, but if it’s too much, I doubt we’ll end up fixing it. We can’t afford to!

Thankfully, my grandma is letting me borrow her sewing machine. And a really nice lady I met, might have one that I can have. Which would be awesome! I’m not picky at all as long as it works, right?

Anyways, I’m off to go make up more diapers for my kiddos! Get them done!