I Can’t Be Content…

I can’t be content with things just the way they are.

I don’t mean that to sound ungrateful, or snobbish or anything else awful. What I mean, is that I can’t be content with how our life is now, forever.

We don’t have a bad life. We do well for our age, and exceptionally well for having had so many kids so young… But this isn’t all I want. I don’t want Dan to be stuck working retail. I don’t want to be stuck in a tiny fixer-upper forever. Sure, it works for now. But this isn’t what I want forever.

One thing I don’t think I will ever understand, is the people I see who are content living on the bottom rung. The people who have no desire to move up. It boggles my mind when I see people with little to no education, working a low-wage, entry-level job, living off of public assistance, and yet they’re content with it. Why don’t they want better? There’s nothing wrong with taking the help if you need it, but these people I’m talking about seem to be genuinely content with living like that for the rest of their lives.

Why not try to get a better job? Go to school? Get a certificate? Be something better and set an example for your kids. Stop being content with the bare minimum and strive for better. The best way to lead is by example. Is the way you’re living now what you want your kids to be content with when they’re grown? Is that all you want for them? Even if you’re content living that way, your kids still deserve better. At least try for them.

I’ll never understand it. Maybe it’s because I know I’ve made mistakes in my life. But maybe it’s just because “good enough” isn’t good enough for my kids.

I want them to have everything. And it’s up to me to give it to them.

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I am Samantha. I am twenty years old, and have a gorgeous little girl, and a baby boy who I am expecting in May. I am married to my best friend in the entire world. I am a full time student, and am torn between pursuing a career as a midwife, or going to medical school to become an obstetrician.

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