Ultrasounds & Gender Determination

My sister and I went to Wasilla on Friday for her ultrasound. She didn’t have to go to Wasilla, but I told her she should. There’s an ultrasound clinic up there that’s absolutely amazing. They did my ultrasound when I was pregnant with Ava and it was a million times better than the ultrasounds they do down here on the peninsula. Here, they have you on the table for ten minutes, throw a picture or two at you and send you out the door. The clinic in Wasilla gives you a million pictures and a recorded DVD of the entire scan.

Anyway, we found out what her baby is. Well, I found out. She didn’t.

We are going to have a babyshower for her at the end of this month and at the shower, everything will be gender neutral. We are dying the inside of the cake pink or blue and when she cuts the cake, she’ll discover what her baby is and everyone will get to see her reaction.

She wants a boy, so we’ll see if her intuition is right. 😉 But I won’t tell. Not even here, because she probably reads this.

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  1. Krista says:

    That is a pretty cool way for her to find out the gender. 🙂 Was it your idea?

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