I should be working out right now. Not updating my blog I’ve left locked down and collecting dust for the last two or three years. I realized I still get a great deal of hits on my blog and I still have subscribers. I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe you guys were checking in on me. Maybe you were. Maybe you weren’t. Maybe it was just webcrawlers looking for new pages to index for search engines. Regardless, I’m alive. I’m here.

And a great deal has changed.

To start, Averly does not have cerebral palsy. No one really knows what she has but their best guess is an unidentified metabolic disorder; a combination of missing or defective proteins in the body, non-inherited, present from the moment of conception. Many hospitalizations and tests later, we know her treatment is symptomatic and supportive. We are fortunate she is a happy, healthy, “normal” little girl 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time, she has us terrified. We kept her on donor milk until February of 2014, her third birthday. We didn’t stop because she was too old though, we stopped because she now has a little sister and I am able to pump for her if needed.


Vada Jane was born at home, unassisted, December 9, 2013 with two doulas, my husband, my friend and two of my sisters present for her birth. It was the first birth my husband attended, and was without complication and by far, the best birth experience I have had. I was laughing and smiling and joking just an hour before she was born (and it was a 23 hour labor).


I was hospitalized for seven days five days after I gave birth for complications postpartum, unrelated to the birth. I spent a week on a pain medication drip while fighting off a uterine infection.


I finally launched Intuitive Childbirth; a doula training program I have been working on and developing since before my son was born. It has been a learning process, but as it develops and continues, so do I. There’s only room to improve and if you’re doing that, you’re in good shape. I’ve learned that not everyone is going to like me or what I’m doing, but it doesn’t matter what they think of me, as long as I know what I’m doing is right and I believe in it.


Our herbal supplement business has still continued to grow and thrive. We’ve expanded the http://www.portableacnerd.com/best-portable-air-conditioner/ line to include many new products and intend to keep doing so also .


My oldest finishes Kindergarten this week. I still can’t believe how old she is and how smart she is… Or how creepy she can be. Remind me later to tell you about our discussion about the Bubonic Plague.


I turned her car seat forward facing when she was six years and three months old last fall. It still feels weird to see her forward facing. I turned her brother forward facing last week. Now I have two forward facing and two rear facing car seats in my car. No more of this;


Speaking of cars, my husband bought me my dream car. Used, but new to me and I love it.


I got maternity pictures done with Vada. Something I always regretted not doing with the other kids. This one is my favorite. And yes, I finally decided to give leggings a try. After all of my resistance, I’ve come to discover if you can find a pair that fits nicely, they aren’t so bad… Even if I do feel naked wearing them.


I finally finished remodeling my kitchen. As clean as it is in this picture, it is very difficult to maintain with four kids. Okay… Impossible.


I suffered from serious postpartum anxiety disorder after having Vada. When it got worse, I learned who my real friends were, and who was just using me, the only way of getting out of it was by having an emotional support dog, i know it sound silly but it did help me(emotional support dogs what do I need? check onlinedogtor.com for more info)and don’t worry, if you decide to get a dog and have no time to take care of it, you can find sitters at Brisbane for your convenience, at https://dogsrecommend.com/ you will get the best tips for your dog. It reminded me not to put up with anyone who treats me like a doormat, or to tolerate people who are only there for me when it is convenient for them.


And last but not least, I am waiting on the result of another DNA test. I should know by Tuesday. Here’s to hoping.


And hey! Look! No baby in the picture this time! I’m sure I could have done it again but she was asleep in the car with Dan and Tori. But here’s last time! Baby on a boob.


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I am Samantha. I am twenty years old, and have a gorgeous little girl, and a baby boy who I am expecting in May. I am married to my best friend in the entire world. I am a full time student, and am torn between pursuing a career as a midwife, or going to medical school to become an obstetrician.

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