23andme Test Kit Came

I wasn’t supposed to get my test kit from 23andme until tomorrow, so I was thrilled it came early today. How often does the United States Postal Service actually deliver things AHEAD of time? I was pretty shocked, but I guess it makes up for them delivering three packages sent from the same place, on the same day at the same time on three different days. If this is their way of apologizing, then I’ll take it!


The test was pretty easy, but I was nervous I’d screw it up. I don’t think I did, but we’ll see. I did shake the tube with the funnel still attached (oops) but it all looks like it went into the vial so hopefully it’s good! I guess we will see if I did an okay job or not once the results are processed. One of my friends just did the test and from the day she mailed it back to the day she got her results, it was 15 days. I am hoping they are quick with mine too, but the site says as long as 4-6 weeks (or maybe it was 6-8?) Either way, I’ve heard from multiple people that 23andme’s turnaround time right now is about two weeks. I was feeling impatient though and slapped a priority label over the prepaid first class one so it would get there in 2 days instead of up to 2-4 weeks (as according to 23andme’s website). It was only $5.50 so I’m fine with that if it means my sample gets in and tested more quickly.

This is just the first of three tests I will be doing. Ancestry’s DNA test was ordered the same day, but it isn’t expected to arrive until Monday. Kind of lame, especially considering they double billed me too, but at least I will have some information start trickling in through the other services! Once 23andme results are in, I can import them to Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch for even more information.


I will admit, I felt stupid spitting into a tube. How often do I tell my kids not to spit in things? And here I am spitting into a tube. At least I did it when they weren’t home so they couldn’t tell me “but you did it once!” the next time I catch them. Even though I felt stupid, the results will be worth it and at least the countdown to something has begun. I am no longer at a standstill. I am now waiting for one set of results, and once those are in, I can start digging. And while I’m digging into those, other results will begin to trickle in.

And eventually, I will figure this out.

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