My test kit arrived to 23andme on Saturday (5/2). It was marked as received Monday (5/4) and today, it was marked as “Analyzing DNA.”

analyzeThis step is actually comprised of two steps… First, the initial analysis and second, the quality control check. Once the second portion of this step is done, I will have access to my raw genetic data and my ethnicity breakdown (step 5). Only in step 6 will I have access to my genetic matches.

I did make an interesting discovery yesterday. I have traced back this man’s paternal line several generations and filled in a couple hundred relatives and family members. One name, William Matt Begley, stuck out so I ran a search on it. I found a woman who is his great-great-granddaughter of his, down a different branch of the tree. I looked at some of her information and posts on forums to discover that she has taken the Ancestry and Family Tree DNA tests! This is good news because if this man is my father, she could show up as a third cousin! Even if he is, there’s still a chance she won’t show up, depending on how she inherited DNA, but there’s a good chance she could!

I am so excited. I keep checking to see if the status on my test has updated or if raw genetic information is available yet. It’s not, sadly. I don’t expect it to be, but good grief, I wish it was! I am getting antsy!

My Ancestry test won’t reach the lab until tomorrow… At least that’s what the post office says. Unfortunately, tracking hasn’t updated in two days, but who knows. Hopefully I get my 23andme results quickly so I have some information to work with for now!

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