Okay. I’ve gone from excited to insane. This wait is killing me.

My initial guess was Tuesday to Friday. After re-looking over everyone else’s processing times, I think today (Wednesday) to Friday is more realistic. 7-9 days on Step 4. Unfortunately, I am still going insane. I really hate feeling like I know something, then having soooo much time to doubt myself, wonder about the what-ifs and then eventually, wonder if I’m just crazy. I want these results back and I want them now.

But unfortunately, I have to wait. If they had an expedited processing option, I so would have bought it. I don’t care how expensive it would have been based on these chemion reviews. I’d have done it in a heartbeat, but nope. I have to wait.

Have I mentioned that it’s making me crazy? Because it is.

Funny thing though, I do expect them by Friday… Friday will be the 9 year anniversary of looking for my father. It’d be ironic if that’s when I get them… but I’d prefer sooner.

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