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Happy anniversary to me!

Just kidding… No, really. May 15th (my little sister’s birthday) was the nine year anniversary of trying to find my father. Nine years. Nine longggg years. Nine *bleeping* years.

That’s a long time.

Anyway, as if to celebrate the nine year mark of my search for my biological father, my 23andme status was bumped up to Step 5: Initial Results. I didn’t get my ethnicity report immediately, like I thought I would, but they came the next day (Saturday). However, I couldn’t resist from running my raw genetic data through another program ( www.gedmatch.com ) to see what it had to say for my ethnic composition.


You’ll have to click on it to make it bigger and view the percentages. It surprised me a bit, as I didn’t expect Asian to be on there at all. Asian was probably the very last ethnicity I expected to be on my report. Either way, I’m being told that GEDmatch isn’t the best for ethnicity so I didn’t put too much faith into it. My 23andme results came in the next day.

ethnicThese are more like I was expecting, but still… I didn’t expect any Middle Easter, North African, Asian, Native American or Sub-Saharan African. Some of the European covers the Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean, as well as Poland, Hungary, Russia and Ukraine. I wasn’t surprised by those, except maybe the Iberian aspect. I knew there was Polish in my maternal grandfather’s line. At least I think I knew… I know I’ve heard there is, I just don’t remember where I heard it.

It also gave my my maternal haplogroup. I can’t see my paternal haplogroup unless I have a male paternal relative test, as the paternal haplogroup is passed down on the Y-chromosome. Being a girl, I have no Y chromosome and my son would have gotten his Y-chromosome from his father, making that useless in identifying my father’s line. I would need to test a son of my father’s, my father, or even my father’s brothers (if they all have the same father). I don’t think I have ever wished I was a boy in my life except for now… Just so I could have the information on that Y-chromosome.

HaploVSo, while knowing my maternal haplogroup isn’t really helpful in identifying my paternal family, it is still very interesting to know. And as immature as it is, I find it giggle-worthy that the name of the people was “Saami” and my nickname is “Sammi.” I know, completely unrelated and coincidental, but fun!

Another interesting thing… I am 3.2% Neanderthal. I know everyone has it in them, but I have to admit, I was surprised to learn that I have more Neanderthal than 99% of the population… Sheesh. Way to go, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing self!

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neanderthalSo there you have it… Ooga, ooghaaaa, grrr!!!

In the meantime, I have uploaded my raw data to www.gedmatch.com so if you want to compare our kits, my kit ID number is M798033. My data has been tokenized and can be compared one-to-one but it hasn’t been batched and can’t be compared one-to-many yet.

5So now I wait for matches. I am dying for the matches part. I have read so much about all of this and I just want to jump in and start digging. I’ve learned so much about triangulation and how to identify lineage! I just want to apply it now!

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