Autosomal DNA Testing Update

I got my final results from 23andme a while ago and have been working on it daily. Unfortunately, I don’t have much as far as close matches on my paternal side. My closest match is Brandi, at 49.1cm and an estimated range of 3rd-4th cousins. Unfortunately, this doesn’t narrow it down too much. I have built a pretty extensive tree for her over the last few weeks, but I am still working on it diligently. I was able to ask her to upload to gedmatch which will hopefully give me more insight as to which line of her family I come from. My plan there, is to work with her highest matches that do not match me on gedmatch to determine which line they descend from. I will then be able to eliminate that line on her tree as being the line I am from, due to the fact I do not match her match.

Complicated, hey?

I did make a discovery though. Through comparing notes with several genetic cousins, some closer, some further, I am 99.9% sure I descend from Stephen Caudill and Sarah Sally Adams. I was able to work seven or eight genetic cousins into their line, even one that only matches me 10cm… Which is super tiny! I wish it was a closer common ancestor though. If it were closer, I’d be able to trace it down much easier. I really can’t trace it down like this, as there’s several generations between myself and Stephen, and they grow exponentially every time a child has a child.

It’s still pretty cool to know a little bit about my paternal ancestry.

I did something really cool through gedmatch. I phased my mother’s kit with mine, which then creates a hybrid kit of my father’s genetics. It’s not 100% accurate, but its a good starting point. It told me his eyes are likely brown. And it gave me some ethnicity estimates, although those can be very tricky. Either way, I still like having that information

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