Thinking too much…

First, I updated my “About Me” page.

I don’t know whats up with me lately. I just feel like crap.

I’m trying to keep positive, but it’s really hard. I feel like no matter what I do, I’ll be stuck in this hole forever, and it’s never going to get any better. I feel like everything I’m doing is just a waste of time because none of it makes a difference anyways. So why should I bother?

I was doing so great with my small goals… But they didn’t really make a difference I guess. It’s depressing.

I guess I’ve been thinking too much lately. I wish I could just stop thinking. But you can’t just shut your brain off… Unless you go into a coma, but even then, you can still think sometimes.

I just find myself thinking about my weight a lot. My body. Jacey. How much I miss her and wish I could have met her. And how I would have given my own life if it meant she would have been okay.

That’s all, I guess.

2 Responses to “Thinking too much…”
  1. atyourcervix says:

    Pre-med?! You go girl!!!

    And about feeling like crap lately – you’re not the only one. I’ve been very blah myself. Depression rearing it’s ugly head, I think, for me.

  2. TO be honest everyone goes through phases…..just keep on doing the best you can. I remember that I had a pretty tough year in 2009 and that worked out for good because the trials and tribulations motivated me to start my blog, which now gives me so much energy. Stay strong!

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