VBAC Women Denied Acces to Midwifery Care in Most States!

One thing that has been on my mind lately, is my inability to utilize the services of a midwife. Unfortunately, because I have had two cesareans, heck, even if I had only had one, I am not allowed to use a midwife for my pregnancy and birth in the state of Alaska. I know that I can do prenatal care through a midwife who has a backup, but they cannot do my actual labor and birth. They are subject to losing their license if they do accept me as a client.

I don’t know who is familiar with it, but if you look at the medical model of maternity care and the midwifery model, you’ll see that the outcomes of both models are drastically different, with the midwifery model being the more positve of the two.

And Alaska isn’t the only state that does this. A lot of them do, however, I don’t know which ones off the top of my head… Regardless, it’s ridiculous that women attempting VBACs are being denied access to midwifery care. The chance of rupturing is incredibly low… Heck, there’s probably a lot of other issues with pregnancy that could happen that are at a higher chance than that of rupturing! It’s ridiculous.

What are the laws in your state regarding midwives and VBACs?

3 Responses to “VBAC Women Denied Acces to Midwifery Care in Most States!”
  1. Karen says:

    I’ve had VBAC’s in KY, NJ, NY, CT and TX. There were ZERO CNM’s practicing in Lousiville when I had my VBAC-they weren’t an option then for any woman let alone VBAC. My VBAC’s in NY and CT were attended by CNM’s, almost completely autonomously-in NY I never once saw an OB during pregnancy or L&B. I could have had a CNM attend my VBAC’s in TX if it wasn’t for non-scar related complications. In NJ? I don’t know.

  2. Susan says:

    There are no real options here in Alabama for midwives. There are CNMs somewhere but they can only deliver in hospitals. I have yet to find a practice that uses them. CPM are illegal. Good luck on your VBAC!!

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