Cysts, baby, & Annoying Doctor

So, about a week ago, I was having some really sharp stabbing pains on the lower right side. I wasn’t bleeding, but it really hurt and I got kind of scared that something was wrong with the baby, so I called the hospital, spoke to the ER lady, who transferred me to OB, who transferred me to a different nurse, and ultimately I decided that I should go in to be on the safe side.

I was really nervous going in. I really didn’t want to know anything bad, and I was almost tempted not to go just for that reason, but I did. They checked me in, and brought me back to Room #11. I got really choked up and couldn’t really talk. Room #11 was the room I found out that I lost my baby. It was the room where I felt completely betrayed by my own body. It’s the room I was curled up in the bed and hoping I would die in. I know it’s just a room, but it was so creepy being in there. It really was. I knew that the room wasn’t anything significant, and I honestly hadn’t expected myself to have the reaction I did, but I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t stop crying. I calmed down after a bit and let them do everything they needed to.

They ran bloodwork to confirm that I really was pregnant. That part made me nervous because that was the first thing that went wrong when I lost Jacey. The test went from being positive a couple days before, to being negative in the hospital that day. That came back fine, which was a relief. They did my levels and they were 3,149, which for 5 weeks and 1 day, was really good and in the normal range. When I had my miscarriage, they were 17 and dropped even more… So having levels that high was a huge relief!

They did a pelvic exam (yuck) and then an ultrasound, which was kind of boring. All you could see was this big empty black sac. I looked, and I swear I saw two teensy weensy little dots along the side of the sac outline, but the sonographer didn’t see them, I don’t think… So I guess I just have to wait more.

Turns out I had a couple cysts on my ovary. I had a followup with an OB the next morning, and he said the cysts weren’t big enough to be causing pain… But SOMETHING is hurting on that side… It’s not hurting much anymore… But it was.

I’m kind of annoyed with the OB I have in Soldotna. He’s really irritating me. My due date is February 14th, and he said something about scheduling my csection for February 7th because of some scheduling conflict… And I told him I’m not having a cesarean… And he just kind of looked at me funny… And asked me again “After two c-sections???” And I said yes… And he started acting like it was super risky…

But seriously… Forget him. I don’t plan on delivering with him anyways.

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I am Samantha. I am twenty years old, and have a gorgeous little girl, and a baby boy who I am expecting in May. I am married to my best friend in the entire world. I am a full time student, and am torn between pursuing a career as a midwife, or going to medical school to become an obstetrician.

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