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Thank you for visiting Reviews @ AnotherTeenMom! I hope you’re as excited to follow my blog as I am to write on it!

Reviews @ AnotherTeenMom is more than just product reviews. It’s my thoughts, my opinions, and my learning experiences. I hope that these experiences (as well as my inevitable trial and error) can help you to simplify your life and hopefully, save you time on your own trial and error! I take pride in giving honest, accurate reviews about products, services and concepts that my readers can truly benefit from, I will never write anything in a review that I do not truly believe in. When you read my reviews, you can be assured that it’s the truth.

Here’s a little about me and my blogging buddy!



I’m Samantha! A few fun facts about me;

  • I got married in high school and have been married for ten years now. How does time fly so quickly!?
  • I have four children and want more, whether they are biological or adopted.
  • I am a crazy cat lady.
  • I am a big fat hippy. Cloth diapering, homebirth, VBAC, milksharing, re-usable everything vs. disposable, herbals, you name it.
  • I grew up in Alaska. We are raising our children just blocks from both mine and my husband’s childhood homes. Our children attend the same elementary school we both did.
  • I am the oldest of ten! My youngest sibling is only 13! Makes my little family of six seem small!
  • I am a genetic genealogy geek. If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ll know why.


My long-time friend Chelsea helps with this blog by taking videos, fantastic photos and even helping evaluate products with me.

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