Bearpaw Boots Warranty Service Review

I love boots, but not fancy-and-cute-but-hurt-your-feet boots. I like the relaxing kind. You know what I’m talking about; they could be boots, they could be slippers, the world may never know! Unfortunatelly, Ugg boots just are NOT in my price range, so finding an alternative that was just as cute, was the next logical step. Several years ago, I started wearing Bearpaw boots. I absolutely love them and have bought a new pair every year since. It’s been great and I have never had an issue with them… until this year.

This year was a little different. I ordered my boots a bit too late. I had planned to buy them at Fred Meyer but all they had was the tall ones and I prefer the short, so I ordered online and waited patiently. They came in, looked great, felt great. I went about life like normal. Then, while taking kids on a walk, I felt like there was a golf ball in the bottom of my shoe. I shoved my hand down the side of the boot and nothing. I looked at the bottom and bam. The soles had split in a few places and there was snow from the ground clumping behind the sole, but beneath the fabric against the bottom of my foot.


Of course, like anyone who pays good money for footwear, I was a little annoyed. I only had the boots  a few months and they were split? Whatever. I’ll just deal with it. Maybe I can duct tape it later? Of course, I would always forget to tape them and then regret it the second I went outside and got snow clumps in there again (or worse, wet feet from melting snow clumps). Finally, I got a spare moment to myself and when I went to email the company, I realized they had a warranty on all of their products.


The warranty process was simple. They collected a few details, including the style, color and size of the boot, nature of the defect, a picture of the defect, a copy of your receipt, and of course, your shipping details. I was shocked that within an hour, I had confirmation that my warranty replacement had been approved! A new pair shipped the very next business day and I was holding them in my hands less than four days after submitting the request (despite an “animal exception; animal interference” issue on the tracking somewhere in Nevada).

Overally, I was very happy about how quickly they dealt with it. I wasn’t required to send the shoes back to them (which meant I wouldn’t have to wait even longer) and they processed it extremely quickly! Although I wasn’t happy with the defect, I was pretty happy about how they handled it!

*Disclaimer: I was not provided any compensation for this post, nor did I receive any complimentary products. I have purchased this item on my own, with my own money. My opinions expressed in this review have not been influenced and are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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Bearpaw Boots Warranty Service Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

One thought on “Bearpaw Boots Warranty Service Review

  1. I purchased pair of boots last christmas and wore them twice. yesterday i put them on again and the right boots sole is falling apart. I didn’t realise this until i noticed like hard rubber pieces on my carpet and did not know where it was coming from. I checked my boots and the sole on the right foot has a hole in the sole about 3 by 3 inch . I called your office and she told me to contact you on this site. I really liked the boots and would like them replaced. Thank you

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