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Thank you for your interest in having your product/service reviewed by Reviews @ AnotherTeenMom! We’re very excited to work with you!

As you may know from reading entries in the blog, or visiting my personal blog, my husband and I are young, technology-inclined, eco-friendly, money-saving, health-conscious parents of four children (plus two bonus babies) ranging in age from 16 months to 9 years old. We breast feed/pump, cloth diaper, baby-wear,  and more. We review products that a family (like ours) would be likely to use and likely to recommend to our friends, family and loved ones. We enjoy products that are fun, healthy, practical, helpful, cute, educational, economical, and much more! If you have a product that you don’t think necessarily fits my family, we may still be able to accomodate a review through our extensive network of family and friends! We are open to nearly anything so please do not hesitate to pitch your idea to us!

If we review your product/service/website, your review will include, at minimum;

  • A full blog post describing the product and my own experiences with it.
  • Photographs of the product being used.
  • A 125×125 pixel button linking back to your site. If you do not have a button, I will create a basic one for you and you may use it for whatever you like.
  • A two minute review video that will also be posted to youtube, linking back to the blog post.
  • Two posts tagging your facebook page (if you have one) from our page Reviews at ATM

Please read our review policies below, and complete the attached form, or send us an email with your idea to

If you are looking to have a product reviewed, please keep the following in mind;

  • We accept reviews from PR-firm, companies, and individuals.
    We are willing to review products from everyone, whether you’re representing a million-dollar company, or just sell a few handmade items in your free time. We are open to reviewing almost anything made by anyone.
  • All emails should be directed to
    You may use the contact form on this page, or your own email service. Please include “PR” somewhere in the title of your email.
  • Please include all relevant information on the product.
    Be sure to include relevant information on the product you would like me to review. This includes specs, uses, retail values, links to company pages about the product, links to the company’s social media pagesand other crucial details necessary for learning about your product and promoting it to my readers.
  • Be patient.
    Upon receipt of your email, we will be in contact with you regarding your inquiry within 72 hours.
  • All products submitted for review will become property of Reviews @ AnotherTeenMom.
    Sample products provided to conduct reviews become property of Reviews @ AnotherTeenMom. Samples will not be returned.
  • We are open to reviews of all types.
    We are open to reviewing products that may be beneficial to our family as a whole, or for individual members of our families. If you have something that you are unsure would fit our blog, please send us an email anyways and we will see what we can work out.
  • We are willing to review websites.
    Website reviews are available for a $45 fee plus any necessary subscriptions to allow access to the website for review services. This fee may be discounted if a link to my blog is placed on the website.
  • Products must be full-size
    We do not accept sample-size products for review. For example, a single-serving sample of shampoo would not be accepted for review; a full size bottle would be required.

If you are interested in sponsoring a contest or giveaway, please take note of the following;

  • We love hosting giveaways and contests!
    Not only are giveaways and contests a great way for you to attract attention, they’re fun for everyone! If you’re interested in sponsoring a contest or giveaway in addition to a review, please let us know! Our fans absolutely LOVE giveaways.  We can do anything from random winners, to photo contests, to short-essay contests! The possibilities are limitless and we would love to collaborate with you to create the perfect contest!
  • The giveaway item does not have to match the review item.
    If you choose to sponsor a giveaway in addition to a review item, the giveaway item does not have to be the same item as the review item. For example, if I am reviewing pots and pans, the giveaway item could be a spoon and spatula from the same shop or company.
  • We prefer not to handle shipping.
    At the end of a giveaway or contest, I will email you the winners information, and you can send off the prize.
  • We are willing to list your network pages as entries.
    We are willing to list your facebook fan pages, twitter links, and other social networking pages as a way for users to earn additional entries into the contest!
  • Contests run 1-2 weeks.
    Contests generally run one to two weeks in length, however, they can be longer or shorter if you request it. Just ask, and we’ll do what we can to accommodate.

Please read the following in regards to advertising;

  • If you sponsor a review, you are entitled to a free ad space.
    That’s right! If you sponsor a review, your ad will appear on the left bar of my site for a minimum of one month (sometimes I get a little lazy and leave them up longer, but you’re guaranteed 30 calendar days from placement). You will also receive a “permanent” ad (one year) on our sponsors page. Ads are placed on the sponsors page in order of when their latest review was written. If you’d like your ad moved higher on my sponsors page, consider sponsoring another review and your ad will be moved higher on the page. Ads that have been placed on the sponsors page may be removed after a period of one year (the same date as the day the ad was placed the following year), but not prior. Prior to removal, you will be contacted in regards to whether or not you would like to sponsor another review.
  • You may purchase adspace.
    We do sell ad space for those who are interested. There are two types of ad space, main page ad space, and sponsors page ad space.

Main Page Adspace
Ads placed on the main page will be placed along the left side, or bottom right side of the site. The rates are as follows;

Left Side Banners:
120 x 240: $30 per month
125 x 160: $25 per month
125 x 125: $20 per month
120 x 90: $15 per month
120 x 60: $10 per month
88 x 31: $5 per month

Right Side 125×125:
120 x 240: $25 per month
125 x 160: $20 per month
125 x 125: $15 per month
120 x 90: $10 per month
120 x 60: $5 per month
88 x 31: $2.5 per month

Sponsors Page Adspace
Ads placed on the sponsors page, will be placed in order of addition to the page. If you would like your ad on the sponsors page, you may purchase in 6 month or one year increments.

468 x 60: $30 for six months $55 per year
392 x 72: $30 for six months $55 per year
120 x 240: $25 for six months $45 per year
125 x 125: $20 for six months $35 per year
120 x 90:  $15 for six months  $25 per year
120 x 60: $10 for six months $20 per year
88 x 31: $5 for six months $10 per year

Additional Information:

If you have something you would like me to write an informational post about (such as a website, a charity project, an advertising campaign, etc), please contact me. We charge a fee of $45 for informational posts that are intended as advertising, however, some instances are exempt from this charge (such as charity or fundraising for a good cause).

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