Cancun, baby!

My husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in April of 2017. It’s funny, because I swear, everyone was making bets on when we would get divorced. We got married pretty young. I was a junior in high school (and pregnant with our first baby) and my husband had only been graduated a little less than two years when we got married. Everyone told us to wait. Told him to run. Told me to think about it, but we did it anyway. We jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back since. And here we are! Ten years, five moves, and four kids later, still as in love as ever, if not more. This dude is totally my best friend and I can’t think of anyone else I would rather annoy for the rest of my life than him.

This wasn’t our first time traveling together. We actually went to Europe for almost a month in 2012. We packed nothing but what we could fit in a backpack, got a long-term sitter for the kids and spent time exploring. We visited Paris, Amsterdam, London (briefly) and Nea Peramos in Greece. We had an amazing time and made memories that will last a lifetime. We wanted to do something fun for our next trip, and since my husband knew Spanish (from spending a summer in Spain prior to meeting me!) we thought Mexico could be fun!

We left late at night on June 15th and took off for our two-week vacation. We booked a hotel through Orbitz and got a killer deal on a gorgeous one-bedroom suite with full kitchen, along with our flight and car rental. The flight was long and tiring (and good grief, United seriously has THE most uncomfortable seats in the world) but we made it in one piece and ready to enjoy ourselves!

By the time we got there, we were exhausted but it was mid-day. We took a short nap and then dove in. The water was my favorite part. I swear, I could spend all day every day at the beach. We didn’t even get in the pool once, because the ocean was just too much fun! I could live the rest of my life just walking down to that beach every day. It’s crazy that it’s so different than the beaches back home in Alaska. I felt the same when I went to Virginia Beach too. It was warm and relaxing; the beaches in Alaska are cold and smell like fish guts during the only warm months; fishing season!


There are so many places we went and things we did! It would be impossible to sum it all up in one post. We visited some of the most amazing restaraunts I have ever been to, including Crab House and Captain’s Cove. We charted a fishing trip through Marina Chac Chi and caught a pretty impressive dorado to be mounted! We visited a pretty cool museum, Museo Maya de Cancun where we could actually see and walk through the pathways between ruins from the Mayans who resided there centuries before we even existed. OH! And I met a few iguanas!

After having gone without the kids, I think it would be a great place for a family vacation. I can’t wait to share that with them! I felt like Cancun was a very busy but contained and friendly place. Once my kids get a little older and can appreciate a trip like that, I would love to take them all.

I have a few reviews planned for some of the places we visited while there, and of the AMAZING hotel we stayed at, the Emporio Suites & Hotels! Stay tuned!






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