Goodnites Tru-Fit Review

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I have been a die-hard cloth diaper fan since 2009 when we switched our two-week old son to cloth diapers due to a serious skin sensitivity. I have cloth diapered everywhere; when sick, when out and about, while traveling by air, on road trips, you name it! My diapers have never been an issue and the kids eventually potty train and we leave them behind. My four-year-old, however, has been incredibly difficult to potty train. She did amazing for five months, then sudden regression. She was peeing her pants left and right and nothing we did helped. We tried everything. Every trick in the book, yet somehow, it just wasn’t clicking for her. She would do great, then she would falter again.

To make the situation worse, if I tried to put a diaper on her (cloth!) she would freak out, wailing, whining, crying and shrieking, “I don’t want a diaperrrrr. I nottttt a babbyyyyyyy.” And despite my attempts to explain to her that she needs to use the potty if she’s not a baby, it just wasn’t clicking for her. I got desperate at one point and put a paper pull-up on her. She shrieked and screamed bloody murder about how “I don’t want a paper diaper! NO! It itchy!!!!”

Of course, I had a trip coming up to Cancun, and who was I due to take with me? Vada Jane. I was getting really stressed out about how I was going to deal with the potty training situation, not just while traveling, but in a foreign country I am not entirely familiar with. I was trying to come up with alternative solutions. Most cloth trainers were either A.) too small for my chunky 4-year-ol, or B.) way too expensive. Who spends $40 on ONE cloth trainer with just one or two inserts? Do you have any idea how much it would cost me to order enough cloth trainers for her during our trip, even if I were to wash them every other day?! A woman on a Facebook cloth diapering group suggested the Goodnites Tru-fit underwear.  I took her word for it and I found a killer deal on eBay and waited for them to arrive.

I love them!

Really, no joke, the Goodnites tru-fit underwear are awesome. They’re thin like actual underwear and even better, I can use my bamboo inserts for my cloth diapers in them instead of the disposable inserts. And yes, I know, I’m a mega-hypocrite because I have been using the disposable inserts that came with the starter packs at night time, but only because I don’t want to risk a leak on a hotel bed!

The majority of the time, if she has an accident, I can just swap the pad out and call it good. Every now and then she’ll get the underwear wet (hello, wedgies!) and we end up changing the whole thing, but for the most part, it stays well contained within the pad. The even cooler thing is, the Goodnites Tru-fit underwear are designed for a HUGE weight range, from 39lbs to 68lbs for the S/M size! This means I can use the same underwear on my 45lbs 4-year-old, that I use on my bedwetting 7-year-old. The Large size has an even bigger weight range from 60 to 100lbs. They even have boxer-brief styles available for boys!

I have washed these things at least a couple dozen times so far and they’ve held up great with no signs of wear or tear. I wasn’t sure if they would require special washing methods (probably should have read the label) but just washed them the same way I would wash my cloth diapers. Because they are made with PUL (polyurtethane laminate) I dried them on low heat, just to protect the fabric.

I absolutely love these things and plan to stock up.

Overall Rating: 4.4 Stars

Fulfills Purpose Well
Design & Visual Appeal
Ease of use

Fulfills Purpose Well:

Goodnites Tru-fit feel like real underwear. They’re thin and fit well under clothes. The best part? I don’t have to deal with my four-year-old having a meltdown because she doesn’t want to wear a diaper. She thinks these are just normal underwear and doesn’t fight it!

Design & Visual Appeal

Goodnites Tru-fit have super cute options for both boys and girls. The boys underwear even have a faux pocket on front, just like big boy briefs do! They look like real underwear with fun colors and patterns!

Ease of Use

When you’re using the disposable inserts on the Goodnites Tru-fit, it can be a little tough to get the insert in at first. They do fit well once you get the hang of it, but they seem super long at first! Don’t worry! They fit just fine, it just takes a minute to figure it out!


Goodnites Tru-fit run retail for about $15 give or take, for a starter pack. The starter pack comes with 2 pairs of underwear and 5 disposable inserts. Compared to $40 for a single cloth trainer, this is an amazing deal!

Earth Friendliness

While Goodnites Tru-fit aren’t the most earth-friendly due to the disposable inserts, I am willing to wager they are more earth friendly than traditional pull-ups and diapers. They can also be used with cloth inserts, even though they aren’t advertised for such use, making them a more affordable and potentially earth-friendly option.

*Disclaimer: I was not provided any compensation for this post, nor did I receive any complimentary products. I have purchased these items on my own, with my own money. My opinions expressed in this review have not been influenced and are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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