Go Green Pocket Diapers: Review & Giveaway!

I really am on a cloth diapering roll this week, aren’t I? What can I say? I’m a cloth diaper addict! I can’t get enough and they’re all just so darn cute! I don’t know when it will end… I had all my diapers able to fit on one shelf… and then I ended up clearing off the second shelf and they’re both full! Ahhh… But I found another great diaper to add to my collection from GoGreenPocketDiapers!

Cloth diapering is AMAZING on the budget. It saves hundreds and even thousands of dollars per child. They really can save a ton of money! I know so many people who WANT to cloth diaper, but the upfront cost can be a kicker. To cloth diaper full time, you need a bare minimum of 20 per child, but perferably closer to 25 to 30. With most commercial and even work-at-home-mom-made cloth diapers ranging from $15-30 each, this can cost parents anywhere from $300-600 for their stash! This might not seem like a lot when you look at what you’ll spend in the long run using disposables, but as an upfront investment, it can be a huge chunk of change to drop at once!

(My apologies for the laughter in the video… we did several takes of the video but the cats kept getting into the shot!)

The woman behind GoGreenPocketDiapers started using cloth diapers when she had her third child, and bought all of the name brand diapers at $20 a pop! She knew there just had to be a way to make the cheaper and more affordable for families. That is why she started GoGreenPocketDiapers!

I absolutely love these diapers. The prints are cute and the PUL really stops the leaks from going through! The inserts are incredibly absorabant, and hold up really well overnight! I have been very impressed with them so far, especially for the price of $8.99! Not to mention, these diapers are available in so many different colors!

These diapers are not only effective and adorable, but they’re affordable too! They aren’t going to break your budget starting up a stash like many name brands will!

Fulfills Purpose Well
Design & Visual Appeal
Ease of use

Overall Rating: 4.8 Stars

Fulfills Purpose Well
These diapers hold up great and prevent leaks wonderfully! I really like this diapers for night time, especially considering I don’t need to use a cover with it!

Design & Visual Appeal
These diapers are cute, attractive and very adjustable! I do think it would have been a little more secure of a fit had there been two rows of snaps on the tabs, but aside from that they are amazing!

Ease of Use
Pocket diapers have a bit of a learning curve for people who have never cloth diapered before, but they’re simple and easy to get the hang of! As far as pocket diapers go, they’re relatively simple!

These diapers range from $8.99-$9.99 dependant on diaper selection and with $5 flat rate shipping, this is a great deal for anyone looking to start up a stash!

Although cloth diapers might not be as friendly to the earth as elimination communication (I’m not brave enough for that one!) they save so many resources on our dying planet! Not to mention, one cloth diaper can save literally tons of trees and other materials, and conserve the space taken up in our landfills! These diapers are GREAT!

Onto the Giveaway…

Would you like the opportunity to try out GoGreenPocketDiapers for yourself? Here’s your chance! This giveaway ends on Novemeber 7th, 2010.

Please leave a comment with your mandatory entry and any other entries that specify to leave a comment.

Mandatory Entry
Go through GoGreenPocketDiapers and find the diaper you like most and link us to it in a comment! We’d love to see the ones everyone else loves!

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Envibum Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway!

I talked previously about my experience with cloth diapers, but just to refresh everyone I’ll talk a little more on it. I first got interested in cloth diapers when my daughter was two or three months old. I made up these flannel diapers, and they were just AWFUL. I remember I was so proud of them, but now that I’ve delved into cloth diapers even further, I can see just how atrocious they really were… My daughter now uses them as doll diapers… But, we ended up not even using them on her because we moved somewhere that had very poor/inconsistent plumbing for a while. I gave up on cloth diapering and didn’t even consider it with my next baby. After he was born, he kept developing rashes, and we tried diaper after diaper and I finally decided, enough was enough and started using prefolds inside of a cover I made out of this ugly tablecloth material. It worked for a while, but eventually, I decided that if I was going to cloth diaper… I needed REAL diapers. The ones I had were makeshift and they simply would not cut it for very long. I made a few of my own diapers, and decided to search for some I could buy since I didn’t have the time (nor the skill then) to make them… That’s when I discovered Envibum.

Envibum Avatar

Envibum is probably the only cloth diaper brand I’ve seen that takes such an extensive approach to charitable giving and has amazing products all at the same time!

I was really impressed with the diaper when I received the EnviAqua diaper. We all love minky fleece! It’s so soft and comfortable! We can’t help but adore it, and you couldn’t find anything softer to put on your baby! It was so soft and smooth… I could have taken a nap on it and used it like a pillow! It just felt so nice!

The inside was made with unbleached cotton with absorbency channels. I was really surprised with the inside fabric! It was really absorbent, and it felt nice! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any kind of fabric like it before… And on the inside there’s a hidden layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) which makes the diaper waterproof! Always great for when you’re going out!

Envibum Review

The EnviAqua diaper looked a little bit small when I first got it, but I put it on my son and it fit perfectly… Out of curiosity, I put it on my daughter and it fit her too, even though she’s bigger! The way that the diaper is sewn, allows for it to stretch and accommodate bigger babies, as well as smaller babies!

The second thing I tried was a T-shaped liner with a mom4mom cover! These are great, especially for people want to be able to pin and snap their diapers. The liner was incredibly customizable, and depending on how you folded it, it could absorb more in certain areas. These can be used with a snappi, or good old fashioned diaper pins!

The really interesting part about the cover, was that it was sewn with two layers of PUL with the shiny side facing out! I had never seen a cover like that before! I almost always saw the fabric side facing out and the shiny side hidden. It was a little strange at first, but I found that it works better than most of the other covers I have tried!

There’s actually a reason behind the color of the velcro too! I found it kind of interesting… Because of the way the diaper is made, it can be wiped, rinsed, or washed in whatever way is available… Including in rivers that might be brown. That is why the velcro is brown… So that it dosen’t appear dingy or stained if it’s washed in a brown river…. Which is the case in many less fortunate countries!

The diapers and covers Envibum makes are AMAZING. But do you want to know whats even more amazing about envibum? Their sense of giving!

“Every time you purchase an envigreen diaper, we donate $2 to Food for the Hungry!
Every time you purchase an enviaqua diaper, we donate $2 to Living Water International!
Every time you purchase an enviyellow diaper, we donate $2 to Helping Hands in Africa!
Every time you purchase an envired diaper, we donate $2 to Salvation Army!
Every time you purchase an envipink diaper, we donate $2 to Crisis Pregnancy Center!
Every time you purchase an mom4mom diaper cover, we give another cover to a mom in need!”

Envibum Review

I don’t know about you, but to me, I really place a great value in companies who give back. I tend to think more highly of companies that do than those that don’t. It shows that they care and they truly are dedicated to what they are doing. You can read more about their charitable efforts by CLICKING HERE.

Fulfills Purpose Well
Design & Visual Appeal
Ease of use

Overall Rating: 4.2 Stars!

Fulfills Purpose Well:
Definitely does the job! It fits babies small and large, and keeps them dry and contained. They’re soft, comfortable, non-irritating and launder well!

Design & Visual Appeal:
The diapers are ADORABLE! I absolutely love the way they look and the materials they’re made with! They’re so soft and nice! Definitely great!

Ease of Use:
These diapers are very easy to use… I had some difficulty the first time because I didn’t realize that they were waterproof, so I tried to put the cover over it… But I figured out out soon enough and it’s been a breeze since then.

These diapers run a little bit pricier than normal, at $21.99, however, $2 is donated to a charity for each diaper, and the diapers are incredibly high quality and are great for outings. Definitely worth the money.

Earth Friendliness:
Cloth diapers are obviously earth-friendly, but these ones are especially so. When I recieved them, they were packed without the use of plastic bags and wrapping that would just be thrown away! So many earth friendly companies forget that this is a step they can take to increase their earth friendliness! Great job, Envibum!

Onto the giveaway…

Would you like a chance to win your very own Envibum diaper so you can see for yourself, firsthand, just what I’m talking about? Well, you can! Envibum is offering one of my lucky winners their very own Envibum diaper!

The giveaway is only opent to residents of the United States and ends at 11:59pm on July 7th. Continue reading “Envibum Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway!”

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BuyGreen: Solar Flashlight Review

So, if you guys can’t tell, I’m definitely on a really green kick lately! I mean, I try to be green as much as I can, but lately, I’ve been looking for more ways to be green, and I found one! Buygreen.com is a great site full of awesome products to make your everyday living (and then some!) as green as possible!


Their site has a large variety of products available. From baby bottles, to solar powered lights, to healthy cleaning agents, to composting containers, to furniture, clothing and more, BuyGreen has it all. If you can think of it, BuyGreen has a green alternative!

I reviewed the solar hybrid flashlight from BuyGreen, and I do have to say, I was impressed!

Now, my husband is really big into solar energy. He has an obsession with it, and eventually, one day, he would LOVE for us to be able to power our home with completely solar energy and even sell it back to the electric companies. He’s just fascinated with solar power, so this flashlight was right up his alley.

It comes fully charged, and the full charge will give you up to ten hours of battery life. It doesn’t have to be stored in the light, it can be thrown in a glove box, a tool box, a cuppboard, a drawer, etc and still work! It holds a charge for three years.

BuyGreen Review

One of the best parts about it is, unlike many green and eco-friendly flashlights, you don’t have to crank it, or shake it to keep the power going! It works just like a normal flashlight, except that it’s powered by the sun!

And the light is REALLY bright, it worked better than the giant, heavy, hard-to-lug-around flashlight my husband has, and that one goes through D-batteries like you wouldn’t believe! If you watch the video, you’ll be able to see how bright it got…

BuyGreen Review

Pretty bright if you ask me! I thought it was awesome, because we live in Alaska. It’s dark a good majority of the year, so we always need flashlights around, just in case the power goes out (which for some reason it does, pretty often). I’m really excited to switch over to using a solar flashlight over the big heavy metal clunker one that drain’s D’s quicker than you can blink!

And did I mention it’s waterproof?! I didn’t try that out, but maybe I will soon and post a video of it! I think that’s really neat! Drop your keys in a murky puddle in the middle of the night? Never fear!

Here’s some quick stats!

  • Holds a single charge for up to three years.
  • Backup battery has a 7 year shelf life.
  • Waterproof up to deptphs of 80 feet
  • Rated at over 100,000 hours.
  • 1 watt 2X superbright LED light

So, be sure to check out their site, they’ve got more than just flashlights! Things for the outdoors, indoors, home, office, family, you name it, they’ve got something for everyone!

BuyGreen Review

Disclosure: I recieved no compensation for this post. I did receive a product to review in order to provide an accurate honest review. Opinions contained within this post and the accompanying video are solely my own.
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